The Redwood Cup

Good Day Fellow Farmer!

We are proud to bring you the new industry standard in cannabis competition. The Redwood Cup is a competition like no other!

The Redwood Cup is the competition where all of the contestants grow the same strain. We use lab testing to define the results! We will define the THC level, terpine profile, and residual reports. Each of these categories adds up to 25% of the score totaling 75% of the total score being defined by science! The final 25% of the score will be for the taste, burn and flush which will be done by a highly qualified panel of canna judges.

Finally the days are over of stoners buying “judge packs” and industry mags selling their cups out to the highest bidder. We are here to bring integrity to a part of our industry that is greatly lacking it.

May the best farmer win!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.